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Coaching to Make a Difference

"As a professional coach, my function is to help clients identify possible areas of change, by assessing available choices, and then to support them in seeking  potential outcomes which they most probably would not have uncovered on their own".


An initial course of three or six sessions, which can be from 60 to 90 minutes in duration, arranged at convenient times for the client. This may be instigated by the individual, or can be arranged as ‘three-way’ coaching where initiated by a corporate client, as appropriate. The majority of coaching sessions are carried out online, using one of the available video platforms, such as 'Zoom', 'FaceTime' or 'Skype'.


The adoption of 'digital coaching' in my practice has proved extremely popular, and hugely effective, even though the need for 'social-distancing' is no longer a given requirement.

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Individuals can productively address such issues as work-life balance, relationships with co-workers, prioritising workload, family issues, analysing self-limiting beliefs and in general examining any area which might help to improve their personal development and growth. As these are aired in a secure and confidential environment, the coachee can feel totally safe and at ease.


These will include strategies to initiate change, explore future options, and identify a clearer sense of direction towards personal goals, all of which may help to achieve an increased peace of mind. Most importantly, clients are supported and encouraged to work out their own solutions, increasing the likelihood that these identified strategies and actions will be acted upon in the future.

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