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What is Coaching?

Your Questions Answered

What is Coaching?

“Coaching is the art of facilitating another person's learning, development, well-being and performance. It raises self-awareness and identifies choices. Through coaching, people are able to find their own solutions, develop their own skills, and change their own attitudes and behaviours. The whole aim of coaching is to close the gap between people’s potential and their current state”.  Jenny Rogers  -  Executive Coach & Author

I have heard of "life-coaching" - is that what I should expect here?

It's true, the term "life-coach" does come up quite often, in the news and the popular press, though sometimes this seems to refer to a much broader approach, and is sometimes offered by unqualified individuals. The term "coach" does also come up in the sporting context, but that's rather different!

So what happens in a coaching session?

We have a conversation - and when you come for coaching, you alone will decide what you would like to talk about. So in a typical session, I might start by asking you "what topic or issue would you like to explore today?"

You might know exactly where to begin, or you might need a few moments to think before saying anything. This is absolutely fine - there is no such thing as 'an awkward silence' in a coaching session! Things should develop as naturally and as comfortably as possible - and we all need 'time to think'. With my help, during the session we may focus on some goals for the future, or maybe action points to try, before we meet for the next coaching session.

What kinds of benefits could I enjoy from being coached?

Well, a whole range of things including, an improved sense of direction, an increased self-awareness, a boost to your self-confidence, better motivation, greater ability to instigate & manage change - all of which will contribute to a greater 'peace of mind'.

Is it completely confidential?

Yes! - absolutely! Creating a safe 'space', whether online, or face-to-face, is crucial to you feeling comfortable and able to discuss the issues which you would like to explore. It is the coach's job to create and support this environment during the coaching sessions, so you can be completely assured of absolute confidentiality, whatever the subject.

So what can I expect from the coach...?

Someone who will be an excellent listener, and who will give you their complete attention:
When we are working together, it should always feel an equal partnership. I will always be engaged and interested in what you have to say. I will be curious, and will aim to ask the questions which will help you constructively explore an issue further.  I will sometimes reflect back to you, and summarise, to check I have understood what you have shared.

...and what will the coach expect from me?

To be someone who will stay committed to the whole powerful process of coaching:
This translates into things like keeping appointments, carrying out any "homework" which I might ask you to prepare between sessions (there really won't be loads!), and generally subscribing to a mutual openness, honesty and trust which underpins any successful coaching relationship.

How many sessions might I need, and what do you charge?

The coach and the coachee would usually agree (or 'contract') to plan between three and six sessions, after which they would review how things have progressed. The option to continue would then be discussed, and the coach would contract with the client again. As to fees, I do generally apply an hourly rate, based on the length of sessions which tend to average between 60-90 minutes, (occasionally longer,) and they are all charged pro rata. When you get in touch, we can discuss the fee-range and appropriate package for you.

So how do I start the coaching process with you?

First of all, please get in touch by email through the contact box on the website, or call me direct. We can have an initial chat on the phone, and then I would suggest a 'taster', or what I call a 'chemistry session'  -  which we would do online (via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom etc)  - to see if we would get along, and afterwards each of us can decide if we would like to proceed. It's worth saying that finding the right coach-client combination is really important, so don't worry if you want to check out someone else too..!

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